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Jute Clutch Bag

Jute Clutch Bag

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Material : Jute/wood

Colour : Natural/bleached

Size : 27 x 15 cm

Ethically sourced from member of World Fair Trade Organization that works with hundreds of artisans and craft communities all over India. 

In 1978, craft in India was going through an especially low period due to the influx of cheaper and sometimes better, machine-made goods. Craftspeople were increasingly being marginalized and their products trivialized as 'ethnic' and purely decorative.

Artisans - especially women - were exploited by middlemen, and the craft they practised was fast losing its identity to cater to market demands. Customers had no idea about what they were buying and artisans had no idea who was buying their products. 

The Non-Profit Organization was established with a mission to address these issues.